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Guest message: HSP and anxiety by Dr. Friedemann Schaub

"In my opinion sensitivity is a special ability—one that not everyone possesses. However, as with every power, the more you have, the more important it becomes for you to learn how to master and apply it. Just as you wouldn’t feel ashamed of having extraordinary physical or mental strength, there is no need to feel ashamed for your power of sensitivity. When well utilized, sensitivity leads to compassion and greater understanding for other people’s pains and challenges. It can be the basis of deep and meaningful relationships and allow you to enjoy life more fully. Other expressions of sensitivity can be greater awareness, the ability to read people accurately, intuition, and even psychic abilities, which can help you make decisions with greater clarity and move through life with more ease and calmness.

Extremely heightened sensitivity can originate from a protective strategy of the subconscious mind. Lack of communication, confusion, and unpredictability in your childhood may have prompted your subconscious to develop a heightened awareness of the subtle cues in the environment. You needed to know what the people around you were thinking and feeling in order to be safe. The downside of this strategy is that, at some point, your internal radar becomes so tuned in to the external that you begin to absorb and take on the energy of others while losing the connection to yourself—the extreme version of taking others personally.

The solution is to address and resolve the subconscious root causes of this protective strategy and its ensuing anxiety. And the subconscious needs training to discern between the feelings and energies of those around you and your own. It needs to learn how to avoid sponging up the input from the environment and to set up a healthy energetic boundary anchored in a solid core of self-awareness. The Fear and Anxiety Solution provides you with a step-by-step process to consciously work with your subconscious mind to heal and overcome anxiety-triggering sensitivity and to create more solid foundation of confidence and inner peace. A foundation, which allows you to express and enjoy the gift of sensitivity in your daily life."

Dr. Friedemann Schaub

14.4.2014 Friedemann Schaub: The Fear and Anxiety solution Kirja ilmestyy suomennettuna syksyllä 2014 (Basam Books) Asiaa ahdistuneisuudesta tällä sivustolla

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